Phase 4 installation pics

Some images from the installation and setup of the final stage on this exhibition.

The exhibition will come to a close at the Closing event 2pm | 01 October 2016 || Facebook Event

Opening hours of the gallery: Wed-Sat 2-6pm.



Closing event of Colour-Paint-Painting, on 1st October, 2pm

Last two weeks of the exhibitions are upon us, opening tomorrow & every Wed-Sat, 2-6pm.

With that, we are delighted to announce the closing event of Colour-Paint-Painting, on 1st October, 2pm. This will take place on the exhibition’s last day at TACTIC.

On the day, visual artist Anita Groener & poet Kathy D’Arcy will conduct a critical conversation about the exhibition’s outcomes and processes. The two artists, whose work is tightly engaged with the political reality which surrounds it, will discuss not only the curatorial and artistic outcomes but also the creative and conceptual intentions from which the exhibition developed.

Closing event 2pm | 01 October 2016 || Facebook Event

Anita Groener:
Kathy D’Arcy:

Curator Website:



Third phase is on! For a short while only.

The 3rd stage of installation was installed last Saturday, and is only on for a short time, until Friday, when it will be switched around *again* on Culture Night!

Some pictures of the work as it is installed at the moment:

Some pictures by Helen Mac Mahon

Pictures by Kate O’Shea


And some more from Kate


Exciting update & the next stage dates

Very happy to announce the participants of the exhibition’s closing event:

Visual artist Anita Groener & Poet Kathy D’Arcy will conduct a critical conversation about the exhibition’s curatorial and artistic outcomes and processes.

The update & links to the artists websites are available on the Events page.


This week is the last chance to see the current version of the exhibition, which will take up its new form on Saturday the 10th September.

On Culture Night, the 16th September, the gallery will be open 6-9pm with the artists present (and probably doing some work in there) during opening hours.


A busy month, see you there!



“…light is the first painter.” Ralph Waldo Emerson from ‘Beauty’, part 3 of his Nature; Addresses and Lectures.

Some light paintings of the works of Kate O’Shea and Elad Rosen.

Open Gallery 20th August

The first Open Gallery day is happening this Saturday! This means two things:

  1. The current setup of the exhibition is availabe for viewing Thursday & Friday (18-19/08), don’t miss the chance to see it!13958254_941384035971170_3263849678802263584_o
  2. On Saturday the gallery will be open to the public from 2pm, the artists (two of them) will be there, already working on the next instance of this exhibition.

For any questions, or further details about the work or the artists, feel free to contact us.


See you Saturday!

Some pics and videos from the opening on 11/07

Elad Rosen’s piece at TACTIC for COLOUR-PAINT-PAINTING open now @samplestudios !

A video posted by Sample-Studios (@samplestudios) on Aug 11, 2016 at 12:19pm PDT


Artist Helen Mac Mahon, curator Moran Been-Noon, and friends at the opening of COLOUR-PAINT-PAINTING

A photo posted by Sample-Studios (@samplestudios) on Aug 11, 2016 at 12:20pm PDT


Helen MacMahon discussing her work at TACTIC

A video posted by Sample-Studios (@samplestudios) on Aug 11, 2016 at 12:22pm PDT


Helen MacMahon discussing her work at TACTIC

A video posted by Sample-Studios (@samplestudios) on Aug 11, 2016 at 12:22pm PDT